5. Transdisciplinarity.

    Ongoing specialization and fragmentation in research thwart  scientific cooperation within economic science and even more so within economics and other disciplines. Transdisciplinarity refers to research that bridges the conventional dividing lines. We are looking forward to receiving research papers of this type. Contributions on how to structure and organize academic education in multi- or interdisciplinary studies or settings, are also welcome. Discussions on the challenges and bottlenecks, successes and failures in such domains as management science, environmental sciences, regional science, sciences of the state (Staatswissenschaften) may open new vistas. Papers and proposals that meet one of the above mentioned criteria or even better two will get priority in the selection among submitted contributions. However, the selection committee will also accept high-quality papers that do not fully meet  one of the two specific criteria . Participants will present their accepted papers and have them discussed in group sessions or (perhaps) plenary sessions. Proposals for full sessions with presentation of papers or well prepared panel discussions are also of interest to us.

    Submission of abstract by 1 June 2018 latest: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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